Keeping Your Hair in Radiotherapy.

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Scalp Sparing VMAT.
Hair-loss is a common side effect in patient who receive radiotherapy in brain. But now ,these patients can avoid typical hair-loss (alopecia) when treated with newer radiation techniques

In many cancers, radiotherapy to the brain is necessary. Be it brain tumors, or cancers from other organs growing in the brain as metastasis – radiotherapy to the brain is warranted.

With conventional radiotherapy, there are high chances that there will be hairfall – usually patchy, affecting the areas of the entry of the radiation beams.

With this newer technique where radiotherapy is planned in such a way that a certain part of scalp only doesn’t receive the high dose of radiotherapy. With this technique of volumetric arc therapy (VMAT) sparing the scalp, there is very minimal hair loss.

Talk to your doctor about this hair-saving technique and if this is suitable for you.

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