Cancer Treatment in Nepal

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Cancer Treatment in Nepal started in early 1990s when Department of Oncology was started at Bir Hospital. Before that patient had to goto India and abroad for cancer

Need of cancer hospital in Nepal.

We the Kathmandu Cancer Center are a modern cancer hospital in Nepal established with the motive to treat cancer as per the international standard in the country itself. We have been doing radiotherapy, chemotherapy and brachytherapy treatment regularly.

With modern Linear Accelerator for radiotherapy, which included 3DCRT, IMRT, VMAT- we have been doing more than 60 treatments everyday since the last three years.

Besides radiotherapy, we also have Brachytherapy facility for cancers of cervix, and other organs that can benefit from highly focused brachytherapy, which is also a type of internal radiotherapy.

We also provide Chemotherapy treatment at Kathmandu Cancer Center. All standard chemotherapy medicines are available at the pharmacy and we follow the latest standard protocols that are followed in best centers around the world.

Our assurance : Best Cancer treatment in Nepal.

Kathmandu Cancer Center assures you that all standard treatments will always be available to our patients and with the team of best doctors, the cancer patients will receive the best outcome possible.