Cancer in times of COVID-19

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COVID-19, a new corona virus was first identified in Eastern China .In few months has spread all over the world,including Nepal .

The Nepal government has decided to do nationwide  lockdown to contain the virus. Until the scientists discover a vaccine or cure – we should self-quarantine to save ourselves and others from the virus.

Most of the people who get infected with this virus get off with mild symptoms of cough and fever. Although, they could though spread the virus to people around them, if not cautious.

Cancer patients are at a higher risk of getting infected by corona virus. This is because of the decreased immunity due to the disease itself, or because of chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Cancer patients are recommended to take extra cautions during these times of corona virus infection.

These are our recommendations for cancer patients.

  • Avoid meeting people: People might be carrying the virus. Only meet those you are sure don’t have the virus.
  • Lock Down: Although the country is in lock-down, shopping groceries is allowed. We recommend that cancer patients avoid crowded shops.
  • Wash your hands: Hands are the pathway most of the time for the virus. So washing hands will break the path. 20 seconds rule applies.
  • Gloves: Wearing a pair of disposable gloves is not a bad idea. Dispose them immediately when you reach home. Wash hands !
  • Wear a mask while going out: When you are going out, wear a mask properly. Do not touch the mask while you’re wearing it. Taping the upper edge helps fix it if your nose isn’t holding it well. Don’t forget to dispose the mask after use properly.
  • Avoid the Hospital: Yes ! Avoid the hospitals if you are not in active treatment. Follow ups can wait- call/text the doctor instead. Many doctors we know will be happy to receive your text than meeting you at a crowded hospital.
  • Do Not Touch Your Face !

Follow only authentic websites like Ministry of Health & Population for information of COVID in Nepal or World Health Organization website for global situation.

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