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Breast Cancer – Must know information !

Breast Cancer is the most commonly occurring cancer in Women around the world. If detected early, most breast cancers are completely Curable.

During her lifetime, every woman has 1 in 8 chances of developing breast cancer. Luckily, if we find out Breast Cancer early, can be completely cured.

Each year, more than 15,000 Nepali women are diagnosed with Breast Cancer. In Nepal, because of unawareness, many patients present at an advanced stage – unlike in developed countries. Since Women present in early stage in developed countries, their chances of cure is very high !

What are symptoms of breast cancer.

Different people have different symptoms. Common symptoms of breast cancer are –

  • New lump in the breast
  • Swelling in armpit (underarm)
  • Swelling or Irritation or dimpling of breast skin.
  • Change in shape of nipple
  • Blood of fluid coming out from nipple.
  • Change in shape of breast
  • Pain in breast

Who should be concerned about breast cancer ?

Everyone should be concerned about breast cancer ! In fact very rarely, but men also can have Breast Cancer.

How to know if you have Breast Cancer ?

A trained doctor with the help of various test will only be able to tell you if it’s Breast Cancer ! If you have any suspicious lumps in your breast or armpit, you should definitely go see a doctor. A doctor will do different tests to diagnose Breast Cancer.

What is the treatment for Breast Cancer ?

Chemotherapy, Surgery, Radiotherapy and Hormonal therapy are the treatments for Breast Cancer. Furthermore, treatment modalities such as targeted therapy and immunotherapy are upcoming.

Is Breast Cancer Treatment possible in Nepal?

Yes ! All the treatments are available in Nepal. Kathmandu Cancer Hospital has very good outcomes in Breast Cancer. Due to the establishment of newer hospitals, likewise the newer equipments, treatment is as par the international centers.

I have more questions !

Meet our Expert Breast Surgeon Dr. Banira Karki for diagnosis and treatment.
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