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Microsurgical free flaps for Advanced Head & Neck Cancer

Head and Neck Reconstruction after resection of cancer.

Cancer of Mouth and Neck is very common in Nepal.

To treat these cancers, the surgeon removes the cancer, surrounding skin and muscles. This will lead to a large defect, with deformed looks and problems in speaking, chewing and eating food.

free flapx

Now-a-days at Kathmandu Cancer Center, Head and Neck Cancer Surgeons in a team with Plastic Surgeons are regularly doing 'Free Flap Surgery' where they take the skin and muscles from arm or leg and use it to re-create the face. This leads to better looks, functions and quality of life.

Free tissue transfer is one of the most important and essential techniques in cancer treatment . It is also called as reconstructive surgery. These surgery are complex, takes long duration, relatively costly and need expert team of head and neck oncologists and plastic surgeons . So it was difficult to establish regular service in Nepal. Now our team of expert doctors are routinely doing this surgery and  patients do not need to go abroad for this treatment.

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