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What are Signs & Symptoms of Cancer ?
Most common cancers in Nepal are that of Cervix, Breast, Lungs and Head & Neck. We discuss signs & symptoms of cancer in this article.

The most common cancers in Nepal are that of Uterine Cervix, Breast, Lungs and Head & Neck. Cancers of different organs present with different symptoms. For instance, cancer of the tongue will have a non-healing ulcer in the tongue.

Cancer is an abnormal growth in the body. Cancer can happen in almost all organs. About 40 thousand new patient in Nepal suffer from cancer every year. Therefore we should be concerned about Cancer.

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We discuss symptoms of cancer in this article.

General Signs and symptoms

Not all cancer patients have symptoms. Some patient may be completely fit and fine and cancer is detected while doing some test for other purpose. Many patients complain of weight loss and loss of appetite. Some patients complain of fatigue or extreme tiredness.

Apart from general symptoms, patients have organ specific symptoms which depends on type of cancer. some common cancer in Nepal and their symptoms are discussed below.

Breast Cancer Symptoms

  • Lump in the breast or armpits.

  • Discomfort in the breast.

  • Change in the shape or size of the breast or nipple.

Cervix Cancer Symptoms

  • Change in vaginal bleeding, for example after years of menopause.

  • Bleeding after intercourse/sex.

  • Vaginal bleeding in between periods.

  • Lower abdominal pain and vaginal discharge.

Lung Cancer Symptoms

  • Cough that stays for more than a week.

  • Blood mixed sputum.

  • Unexplained weight loss and decreased desire to eat.
  • Chest pain and chest discomfort.

Colon & Rectum Cancer Symptoms

  • Blackish or blood mixed stools.

  • Weight Loss and Anemia (Low Hemoglobin)

  • Constipation and Loose Stools.

  • Sense of incomplete defecation.

Other Cancer Symptoms

  • New ulcer anywhere in the body.

  • Weight Loss and Anemia (Low Hemoglobin)

  • Any symptom that doesn’t go away for a while.

If you have any of these symptoms, please see a doctor. A doctor will be able to figure out if it’s cancer or not. Detecting cancer early leads to a complete cure. We have diagnostic and treatment services for all common cancers seen in Nepal.

If you have any queries about cancer, please feel free to write to us at info @kccrc.org or find us on Facebook and send us a message. We’d gladly answer your queries so that you are well informed.