Cancer Treatment In Nepal.

Treatment for cancer is a collaborative effort. Cancer is treated using cutting-edge technology and novel medications. Most crucial, the doctors and other professionals on your team should not only be familiar with the equipment, but also have the necessary expertise to provide the finest care for your patients.

Every patient is unique. The cancer treatment team collaborates to develop a personalized treatment plan for each patient. Our doctors/oncologists are experts in their disciplines, having undergone fellowships and residencies at some of India's best cancer centers. They gather around a tumor board and discuss the situation before deciding what is best for the patient. International guidelines, such as the NCCN (USA), are frequently utilized as a guideline.

Patients usually need a combination of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and other treatments. With the patient and caregiver, the therapy options, their sequence, expected outcomes, and probable adverse effects are all addressed.
The patient is then treated according to the plan. In Nepal, all therapeutic choices are now available. Patients previously had to travel to India or other nations for treatment. However, all treatments may now be carried out here by specialists while keeping the same level of quality and safety.

The duration of cancer treatment varies. It depends on the location and stage of the cancer. For most cancers, this time is between four and six months. Please talk to our Care Manager and ask about your treatment plan and its expected duration. They will also help you with accommodation and transportation during your treatment as well.
Some treatments such as surgery and brachytherapy will require hospitalization. While some, such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy, do not require hospitalization.

Our assurance: The best cancer treatment in Nepal.

We always follow standard treatment guideline and this gives all our patients their best chance.

The History

Cancer treatment in Nepal began in the early 1990s when the oncology department was opened at Bir Hospital. Before this patient had to go to India and abroad for Cancer treatment

KCC Story 

Kathmandu Cancer Center is a modern cancer hospital in Nepal established with the aim of treating cancer to international standards in the country itself. We regularly perform radiation therapy, chemotherapy,immunotherpay, targeted therapy and brachytherapy apart from all types of cancer surgery.

Our Strength 

With a state-of-the-art linear accelerator for radiation therapy, including 3DCRT, IMRT, VMAT, we have performed more than 60 treatments per day for the past three years.
In addition to radiation therapy, we also have brachy-therapy facilities for cancers of the cervix and other organs that can benefit from highly targeted radiation therapy, which is also a type of internal radiation therapy.
We also provide chemotherapy treatments at the Kathmandu Cancer Center. All standard chemotherapy drugs are available at the pharmacy and we follow the latest standard procedures followed in the best centers around the world.

Complete Cancer Care

For cancer diagnosis,we have specialized radiology & intervention radiology department. They perform all kind of biopsy. After biopsy, rapid diagnosis is made by our exert pathologist without long delay. Patients can undergo all type of complex cancer surgery from hepato-biliary to head and neck resection plus free flap reconstruction in our hospital.

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