Brachytherapy is Internal Radiotherapy where tubes are placed into the cancer itself. At our hospital, cancers of various organs are being treated with brachytherapy. Cancer of Cervix is usually treated with intra-cavitary brachytherapy. Skin cancer can be treated with Surface Mould Brachytherapy and surgery can be avoided. We also do interstitial brachytherapy in complicated cancer of various organs like head and neck, breast etc. 

We have already done more than 1200 application of brachytherapy till now. 

Brachytherapy Techniques

Intracavitary brachytherapy


Cervical cancer is most common gynaecological malignancy in Nepal. In this disease, treatment is incomplete without brachytherapy. Brachytherapy enables our physicians to tailor highly precise radiation doses directly to tumor in cervix while minimizing exposure to nearby healthy tissue using image guidance (IGBT). Patients with endometrial cancer or vaginal cancer also benefit from brachytherapy.

interstitial brachytherapy


In this technique , needles are implanted inside the tumor and radiation is delivered from inside.It is very focussed and highly effective treatment modality for cancers like head and neck, sarcoma ,breast etc.


Surface Mould

It is an excellent and highly-focussed treatment for skin or mucosal cancers.Treatment is painless as no needles are needed.Treatment time is short,usually around a week.We perform CT-based 3D-surface mould brachytherapy for superficial tumors which provides good cure rate and excellent cosmesis.



Obstruction of hollow organ like esophagus or bronchus can be releived by intraluminal deliver of high-dose-rate brachytherapy from within the cavity.Very effective to relieve difficulty in swallowing (dysphagia) in esophagus cancer patients.

Working together to beat cancer.

Brachytherapy program in Kathmandu Cancer Center was started in May 2019 (Link) with the partnership of Radiating Hope (USA). Radiating Hope has provided support to the program as well as established a training network, so that our doctors not only get appropriate equipments, but also get best training and mentorship from experts in USA.


उहाँको गालामा 'छालाको क्यान्सर' भएको थियो, हामीले ब्राकिथेरापी (एक प्रकारको रेडियोथेरापी) गरेको त्यो क्यान्सर निको भएको छ । 'बिना अपरेसन' गरिने यस्तो उपचार हामीले सुरु गरेका छौं ।
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We treated a lady with skin cancer with surface mold brachytherapy. The results are encouraging.

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