Cancer Research in Nepalese Context.

Research for the benefit of patients.

Need of Hospital-based research.

Research has the potential to improve the quality of clinical care, patient outcome, and cost-effectiveness. Early adoption of new treatment/technology in research cantered hospitals have been shown to improve outcome in all group of patients.

We work with different organizations to improve the environment for Cancer Research in Nepal.
Health care workers have a unique role to play in basic and clinical research. Whether as a leading researcher in the field of interest, as co-investigator in a study, or as a partner in recruitment in multi-centric studies heath personnel directly or indirectly take part in research work.

Our focus is to identify a better way of preventing,diagnosing, and treating cancer in Nepalese context. We encourage our team members to undertake research program in their field of interest. We also welcome research from outside for collaboration.

Evidence shows clinically research-oriented hospitals have better patient care outcomes. 

Ongoing Research Programs at Kathmandu Cancer Center.

1. Population Based Cancer Registry (PBCR): This registry is maintained by Nepal Health Research Council (NHRC) and has coverage of 20% of Nepal’s population. KCC is an active partner in PBCR. 

2. Epidemiological Study on cancer incidence and distribution. It is a Joint project with Nexus Institute of Research and Innovation (NIRI), Nepal.

3. Study on Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) in Head and Neck cancer in Nepali population.

4. Psycho-oncology and Quality of life. Our team members are actively involved in studies on Cancer Pain, Quality of life measurement, their translation, and cross-cultural adaptation for various cancers. 

Nepal's Cancer Biobank 

Our Cancer Biobank project is in pipeline. Biobank is a research facility that collects bio-specimen from patients who agree for the purpose and stores them for future research. Bio-specimens are studied longitudinally, that is, over the course of a person's cancer therapy. The bio-specimens and accompanying health data will be made available to trained cancer scientists to aid in their research into how cancer develops and evolves in people, as well as the development of new cancer treatments.

We plan to run a cancer biobank in Nepal which will be helpful for doing cutting-edge molecular research in the future. NIRI (Nepal) will be our partner in this innovative project

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