Where to stay?

Your complete treatment can take from few weeks upto 4-6 months. We will guide you about place to stay during treatment.

How long will be your treatment?

A radiotherapy course can last for anything from a single treatment session to six or seven weeks. It depends on a number of factors. The length of a treatment session every day is around five to 15 minutes. Radiotherapy is generally done five days a week with a break on Friday and Saturday.

Chemotherapy treatment is measured in cycles. Usual cycle is from three to four weeks. So the total duration is usually four to six months.

For surgery, time for recovery will depend on type of surgery. Please talk to your surgeon to know more.

Convinent and affordable well-furnished rooms are available for rent nearby the hospital. Your case manager can help in arranging accomodation.

For more information talk to your case manager.

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