Dr Deepak Yadav

Consultant ENT - Head & Neck Oncosurgeon

Dr Deepak Yadav is a leading Head & Neck Cancer Surgeon of Nepal. He was trained in cancer surgery at Tata Memorial Hospital(TMH), Mumbai. He is known for his clean surgeries and a charming personality. He has extensive experience in all head & neck cancer surgeries with special interest in thyroid, parathyroid and parotid gland surgery. Dr Deepak is a keen academic surgeon and he has presented his research works in various national and international conferences. He is editor of Nepalese Journal of ENT Head & Neck Surgery. He is regularly doing complex head and neck cancer surgery with free flap reconstruction in collaberation with Plastic Surgery team. He believes in holistic cancer care and improving quality of life of patients after treatment.

Fellowship in Head & Neck Cancer Surgery (Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai)
NMC Number: 6595
Dr Deepak Yadav
10 years



'Free Flap' Surgery


Thyroid Surgery


Cancer Surgery


Dr. Deepak Yadav on Head and Neck Cancer Treatment in Nepal.

Very informative talk regarding Head and Neck Cancer by our team member Dr. Deepak Yadav, Head & Neck Oncosurgeon in National Television of Nepal. He has discussed about incidence of head and neck cancer in Nepal. Common causes of head and neck cancer are tobacco use, alcohol, Human papilloma virus and industrial/occupational exposure.Oral cavity cancer like tongue cancer,larynx (voice box) and thyroid cancer are more common in Nepal. Treatment options are surgery, radiotherapy,chemotherapy and emerging therapy like targeted therapy and immunotherapy. Organ and function preservation are main goal in treating these complex head and neck cancer.

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