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Why Choose Us
Our team based treatment approach gives each patient their best chance.

1  Team of expert oncologists provide ethical, compassionate and evidence based care.

  • 2  We use latest and proven technology used in best cancer centers worldwide.  

3  Patient Assistance (बिमा र बिपन्न नागरिक सहायता )

4 Affordable treatment - We provide the best medical treatments at a reasonable cost . 

What we do
Oncology Services

 Each treatment is done with 3D-precision, thanks to custom  immobilization , CT simulation and precision of  MIM & MONACO  treatment planning software.


Brachytherapy radiates the tumor  directly from inside the cancer, killing off cancer cells directly while preserving healthy tissue.


Chemotherapy  drugs are used to alleviate symptoms and destroy tumor cells.Targeted therapy and hormonal therapy are effective in certain cancer and have minimal side effects.

Surgical Oncology

Surgical oncology is the field of cancer care that focuses on surgery to diagnose, stage and treat cancer of Breast,GI ,gynae and  bone and soft tissue.


Immunotherapy is a new type of cancer treatment that boosts the body's natural defenses to fight cancer.  Immunotherapy is a standard treatment for some types of cancer. And it is in trials for other types of cancer.

Head & Neck Reconstruction  

H&N surgery & Microvascular reconstruction is used to treat advanced cancer of oral cavity and neck.The technique is one of the most advanced surgical options available for rehabilitating surgical defects that are caused by the removal of head and neck tumors.


Diagnostic and Intervention radiology service with CT guided and USG guided FNAC and biopsy. Our interventional radiologists specialize in performing minimally invasive treatments like PTBD and drainage for a wide range of cancers. 


Our team of expert pathologists work hand-in-hand with oncologist. They provide detailed information which is helpful in diagnosis, staging and treating cancer. Due to in-house services, pathology reports are prompt and reliable.

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