Physiotherapy and Onco-Rehabilitation started at KCC.

Kathmandu Cancer Center has started Physiotherapy and cancer rehabilitation department to provide best service in Nepal for cancer patients. Under this new facility, OPD and inpatient services will be provided. Here, in addition to general physiotherapy, specialized services like pre-rehabilitation and rehabilitation services for cancer patients will also be provided .

Inauguration of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department at Kathmandu Cancer Center,Tathali ,Bhaktapur

Patients who have survived cancer may have physical, emotional, and social issues that affect their quality of life. Cancer rehabilitation programs can often improve function, reduce pain, and improve the well-being of cancer survivors.

Our aim is to help you get physical functioning back to normal and maintain independence during and after treatment for cancer. We work together with your medical and cancer treatment team in Kathmandu Cancer Center to develop a personalized treatment program. This may include pain management and exercise interventions with the goal of improving your physical and mental health, your independence and day to day functioning.

Our center is well equipped with modern physiotherapy equipments as well as skilled manpower trained in cancer rehabilitation. We has a comprehensive well equipped physiotherapy & rehabilitation area available for exercise and rehabilitation. Our team uses an effective approach to patient rehabilitation. They actively educate and advise individuals on physical therapies and exercises to restore strength, movement, and function, for speedy recovery.


Along with this, essential treatments such as lymphatic drainage will be available through modern equipment. For someone with edema of arms, legs or other part of body, a lymphatic drainage machine offers a life-changing treatment option. Lymphatic pumps or pneumatic compression devices, help relieve pain, stimulate fluid movement, and prevent diseases from worsening. Patient suffering from arm edema after breast cancer treatment and leg swelling after surgery in abdomen will benefit most from this therapy.

Prehabilitation : What is this and why is it needed?

Prehabilitation (prehab) means getting ready for cancer treatment in whatever time you have before it starts. It helps you during your treatment and early recovery. It is very important for patients undergoing cancer surgery or radiotherapy . Main focus are in following items :

  • what you’re eating and your weight
  • physical activity or exercise
  • mental wellbeing

Cancer treatment has a significant impact both physically and mentally well being. It is much needed service in Nepal. Therefore, cancer rehabilitation plays a crucial role in making life better after cancer treatment. Kathmandu Cancer Center has initiated the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department understanding its importance, with skilled manpower and modern technology.