Radiation Therapy

Radiation Therapy in Nepal

Introduction: What is Radiotherapy?

Radiotherapy, also known as radiation therapy, is a type of treatment used to fight cancer. It uses special rays of energy to kill cancer cells or stop them from growing.

How Does Radiotherapy Work?

When someone gets cancer, their cells start growing out of control. Radiotherapy works by targeting these fast-growing cells with powerful rays. These rays damage the cancer cells, making it hard for them to keep growing. It’s like using a superhero beam to defeat the bad guys!

Different Types of Radiotherapy or Radiation Therapy:

  • External Beam Radiotherapy: This type of radiotherapy comes from a machine outside the body. It’s like getting a very special X-ray that only targets the cancer.
  • Internal Radiotherapy (Brachytherapy): Here, doctors place radioactive material inside the body, close to the cancer. It’s like planting tiny bombs that only explode where the cancer is.

What Happens During Radiotherapy?

Imagine going to the doctor’s office, but instead of medicine, you get rays of energy! Here’s what happens:

  1. Planning: Before starting radiotherapy, doctors plan exactly where to aim the rays. They use special machines and scans to map out the treatment.
  2. Treatment Sessions: Radiotherapy is usually given in multiple sessions. Each session only takes a few minutes, and it’s painless, just like getting an X-ray.
  3. Side Effects: Like all superheroes, radiotherapy can have side effects. These can include feeling tired, skin changes where the rays hit, or upset tummy. But don’t worry, doctors and nurses will help manage these side effects.

Who Can Get Radiotherapy?

Radiotherapy can be used to treat many types of cancer in both adults and children. Sometimes, doctors use it alone, and other times they use it with other treatments like surgery or chemotherapy.

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Radiotherapy is like a powerful weapon in the fight against cancer. It’s one of the many ways doctors work hard to help people get better. While it might seem scary, remember that doctors and nurses are always there to help and make sure you feel safe and comfortable during treatment. So, if someone you know has to get radiotherapy, cheer them on like the superheroes they are!