Publications from KCC Hospital

Our team members have published in various national and international journals. Apart from publication, they regularly present our data in professional society meetings in Nepal and abroad. Theses are some of publications from our institute.

  1. Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation in Nepal: international partnership, implementation steps and clinical outcomes. Transplant Cell Ther. 2022 Feb 16 PMID: 35182794
  2. Preparing for the Next Pandemic: An Asian National Cancer Centers Alliance (ANCCA) Initiative. Asian Pac J Cancer Prev. 2021 Sep 1;PMID: 34582666
  3. A survey of cancer care institutions in Nepal to inform design of a pain management mobile application. BMC Palliat Care. 2021 Nov 5 PMID: 34740339
  4. The Impact of COVID-19 on Cancer Care in the Post Pandemic World: Five Major Lessons Learnt from Challenges and Countermeasures of Major Asian Cancer Centres. Asian Pac J Cancer Prev. 2021 Mar 1; PMID: 33773529
  5. Influence of jaw tracking in intensity-modulated and volumetric-modulated arc radiotherapy for head and neck cancers: a dosimetric study. Radiat Oncol J. 2017 Mar; PMID: 28395504

Book Chapters authored by our doctors.

  1. Plan Evaluation in 3D Conformal Radiotherapy. InPractical Radiation Oncology 2020 (pp. 145-150). Springer, Singapore.
  2. Laryngeal Cancer. In Practical Radiation Oncology 2020 (pp. 225-229). Springer, Singapore.
  3. Syndromes Associated with Brain Tumors. In Evidence based practice in Neuro-oncology 2021 (pp. 413-418). Springer, Singapore.
  4. Medulloblastoma and Other Embryonal Brain Tumors. InEvidence based practice in Neuro-oncology 2021 (pp. 271-282). Springer, Singapore.