Partnership Between Kathmandu Cancer Center and Armed Police Force

Partnership Between Kathmandu Cancer Center and Armed Police Force


The Kathmandu Cancer Center (KCC) has recently entered into a significant partnership with the Armed Police Force (APF) to provide special healthcare benefits to APF employees and their families. This groundbreaking agreement, effective from June 3, 2024, underscores KCC’s commitment to offering high-quality cancer care services to the nation’s defenders and their loved ones.

Partnership Between Kathmandu Cancer Center and Armed Police Force

Key Highlights of the Partnership

  1. Special Discounts on Medical Services
    • Cancer Screenings: APF employees and their families will receive substantial discounts on cancer screenings, enabling early detection and timely intervention.
    • Treatment Services: Discounts extend to a range of cancer treatments, ensuring that financial barriers do not hinder access to essential care.
    • Other Medical Services: The agreement includes concessions on various other medical services, promoting overall health and well-being.
  2. Commitment to High-Quality Healthcare
    • Advanced Facilities: KCC is equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology and a team of experienced oncologists dedicated to providing top-notch cancer care.
    • Patient-Centric Approach: The center emphasizes a holistic approach to treatment, considering the physical, emotional, and psychological needs of patients and their families.

Dr. Simit Sapkota’s Vision

Dr. Simit Sapkota, Chairman of Kathmandu Cancer Center, expressed his heartfelt gratitude towards the APF personnel for their unwavering commitment to national security. He emphasized that the partnership aims to ease the burden on APF families by making high-quality cancer care more accessible and affordable.

“Our goal is to ensure that those who protect our nation have access to the best possible healthcare. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to supporting the APF community and their families,” said Dr. Sapkota.

Benefits to the APF Community

  1. Enhanced Healthcare Access: The partnership guarantees that APF employees and their families can access comprehensive cancer care services without the worry of financial constraints.
  2. Peace of Mind: Knowing that top-tier medical services are readily available, APF personnel can focus on their duties with greater peace of mind.
  3. Strengthened Community Ties: The initiative fosters a sense of solidarity and mutual support between KCC and the APF, reinforcing community bonds.

The Broader Impact

This partnership sets a precedent for future collaborations between healthcare institutions and security forces, highlighting the importance of supporting those who serve the nation. By prioritizing the health of APF personnel and their families, KCC is not only enhancing individual well-being but also contributing to the overall stability and strength of the community.


The partnership between Kathmandu Cancer Center and the Armed Police Force is a remarkable step towards ensuring that high-quality healthcare is accessible to those who protect and serve the nation. This initiative reflects KCC’s dedication to making comprehensive cancer care services available to everyone, regardless of their financial situation. As this partnership takes effect, it is expected to bring about significant positive changes in the healthcare landscape for the APF community, setting an inspiring example for similar future endeavors.