Kathmandu Cancer Center Organizes Walkathon and Flash Mob on the Occasion of World No Tobacco Day 2024

    Kathmandu Cancer Center (KCC) organized a walkathon and flash mob on May 31, 2024, to raise awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco products and the importance of protecting children from the tobacco industry’s interference. The event, held under the slogan “Protecting Children from Tobacco Industry Interference,” featured Banepa Municipality Mayor Shanti Ratna Shakya as the chief guest, along with representatives from the traffic police, Nepal police, and the chairman of Banepa-8 ward. Hundreds of participants, including students, healthcare professionals, and concerned citizens, attended the event.

    The walkathon started early in the morning from Layku Banepha. Participants, including doctors, students, and local residents, walked with banners and placards advocating for a smoke-free world. The route was decorated with informative posters highlighting the harmful effects of tobacco products like cigarettes and smokeless tobacco, and the benefits of quitting. The enthusiasm and energy of the crowd emphasized the community’s commitment to protecting children from the predatory tactics of the tobacco industry.

    The main attraction of the event was the flash mob performed by a group of KCC employees. The flash mob, using dance and music, delivered a powerful message about the importance of staying away from tobacco products, captivating the audience.

    KCC Director Dr. Simit Sapkota addressed the attendees, emphasizing the need to fight against the use of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco to reduce the prevalence of cancer and other related diseases. He stressed the importance of educating the youth about the risks of tobacco products and developing a tobacco-free generation. He urged the community to support anti-smoking campaigns and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

    Tobacco Use by Children in Nepal

    Tobacco use among children in Nepal is an alarming issue. The increasing availability and marketing of tobacco products have made it easier for children to access and use them. The predatory tactics of the tobacco industry target young people, enticing them with flavored products and misleading information about the safety of alternatives like e-cigarettes and vaping. This early exposure and addiction to tobacco products pose significant health risks, including the development of chronic diseases and various forms of cancer at a young age. Protecting children from these harmful influences and educating them about the dangers of tobacco use is crucial for ensuring a healthier future generation.

    The walkathon and flash mob were hailed as a great success, advancing KCC’s mission to combat the use of tobacco products and protect future generations from their harmful effects. The event underscored KCC’s commitment to public health and demonstrated the community’s solidarity in the fight against cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, and other tobacco products.

    Glimpse of walkathon in Banepa area to mark the World No-Tobacco Day

    World No Tobacco Day organized by KCC

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